Global ICS presenting in the 2nd Annual Crisis and Risk Management Summit

crisis and risk management summitGlobal ICS is proud to announce that our senior partners, Dean Monterey will be presenting in the 2nd Annual Crisis and Risk Management Summit from 4-7 May, 2014 at the JW Marriot Hotel in Kuwait which is hosted by the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD) along with International Quality & Productivity Centre (IQPC). The Summit features a panel of experts presenting a variety of topics from emergency response, risk management, fire safety equipment, loss prevention, remediation and recovery companies.

Dean will be hosting a discussion on implementing technology in oil and gas emergency management:

  1. Overcoming intelligence and information coordination failures
  2. Achieving coordination and collaboration by training and exercising
  3. From Exxon Valdez to today: Advances in ICS and learning from the case studies of Queen of the North and the Gulf of Mexico

In addition Dean will host a post a seminar on designing an effective emergency response plan and get certified as an ICS Canada I-402 Specialist. Since the Gulf of Mexico spill, ICS is taking off around the globe. While many companies may be using it, this workshop will bring you up to speed on developments around the world. Bring your plans with you to check against international best practices in this exciting workshop. You will leave knowing that either your ERP is up to date or that you need to update it with the latest advances in ICS.

  1. Being aware of the latest information of ICS across the globe
  2. Understanding risk management, cost/benefits, ROI including incident complexity analysis
  3. Get certified as an ICS Canada I-402 Specialist and impart the training to your colleagues

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